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The Points of You Academy 


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Join this one day workshop to get a taste of the Points of You® methodology and tools, experience a unique form of communication and dialogue and add new skills to your professional know how.

Hello Points Workshop
Welcome to our World
6 Hours -
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Get ready for 2 energetic days of diverse techniques for different target audiences, and a creative practice of three Points of You® tools – The Coaching Game, Punctum and Faces.

Creative Practice is your golden ticket to become a part of our facilitation team. Take your first steps as a Points of You facilitator and pay it forward to your local tribe.

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Learn the basic and start working
16 Hours, 2 days -
Creative Practice Workshop

This is a chance to get a deep understanding of the Points of You® method and learn to speak our language fluently while experiencing a life changing professional & personal journey.

Turn your expanded knowledge into meaningful business opportunities and enjoy wider Facilitation options in the Points of You Academy.

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Turning Point Program
Understand the Philosophy Behind
The Technique
5 days -

Top View Program dives deep into the Points of You® DNA as a brand, as philosophy, as way of life. This is an uplifting experience of climbing up to the top of the mastery mountain of Points of You® facilitation. The Top View journey explores identity, presence, leadership, performance and a true calling.

Our Dream team of Masters facilitate our prestigious Turning Point Program worldwide and become a professional authority in their
local tribe.

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Top View Program
Master the Art of Points of You
7 days -
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